Mart's fashion sense is tingling [Buy]5/13/2013 2:29:34 PM
´╗┐Mart's fashion sense is tingling Wal-Mart's fashion sense is tingling, but is that good?NEW YORK (Reuters) Wal-Mart Stores' (WMT) cursory glance at clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger (TOM) may signal an interest in high fashion, but analysts and investors think a purchase would put the world's largest retailer too far from its low-cost roots. Wal-Mart has indicated an interest in exploring the possibility of buying the designer, according to a source familiar with the matter. The source cautioned that the interest is preliminary. Tommy Hilfiger's shares rose more than 5% on Monday morning when news of the interest surfaced, but ended lower as investors appeared to question the likelihood. On Tuesday, Tommy Hilfiger's stock closed at $17.22, up 31 cents, or 1.83%. Although Wal-Mart's George apparel line is the No. 1 clothing brand in Britain, fashion design and clothing manufacturing is outside its core expertise, analysts said. "Do what you do well. Morgan to explore options for its future, including a possible sale of the company. A long list of potential buyers has formed, which includes private equity firms Apax Partners and Texas Pacific group, and clothing vendors Jones Apparel Group (JNY) and Liz Claiborne (LIZ). Although analysts said it is unlikely that Wal-Mart would buy Tommy Hilfiger, Wal-Mart has made no secret of its interest in adding more fashion to its stores to combat a slowdown in sales growth. Wal-Mart's sales at stores open at least a year a widely used measure of a retailer's health have been growing more slowly than rival Target's (TGT) in recent quarters, in part because of Target's success in selling trendy clothing and housewares. Wal-Mart has already started bringing in more upscale merchandise such as high-threadcount sheets, and plans to advertise its George apparel line more aggressively. Adding a higher-priced fashion line, however, could confuse and alienate some core Wal-Mart customers, Mityas said. The retailer made headlines earlier this month when it held its first fashion show at New York Fashion Week, a twice-yearly event when the fashion industry views the latest design collections for the upcoming season. Wal-Mart also took out advertisements in the September issue of fashion magazine Vogue. "They are clearly trying to make investments in fashion in the apparel space," Kris Miller, head of consulting firm Bain Co.'s North American retail practice, said at the Reuters Consumer and Retail Summit in New York Tuesday. Miller declined to comment on the Tommy Hilfiger speculation, but said Wal-Mart's George brand shows that it is serious about fashion and could very easily expand into so-called "fast fashion" getting trendy clothing into stores in a matter of weeks instead of the usual months. "If Wal-Mart sets its mind on it, I wouldn't bet against Wal-Mart in this space," she said. Roger Farah, president and chief operating officer of Polo Ralph Lauren (RL), said the prospect of Wal-Mart buying rival Tommy Hilfiger is "an interesting idea." "What it says to me, if it's true, is how much product and brand mean," he said at the Reuters Summit on Monday. "At the end of the day, you can have all the private label you want . but the customer has an appetite for (name) brands."

Iron Lady fashion comes to Norwich [Shop]5/13/2013 1:20:27 PM
iron lady fashion comes to norwich Debra Redmond, the Tampa Nordstrom store manager, and Dick Crippen, Rays senior adviser, kept commentary informative and lively as the fashion show unfolded. Even the team's top brass got into the groove: with president Matt Silverman and newlyweds Robin and Andrew Friedman taking the stage. Friedman, the Rays' executive vice president for Baseball operations, and Robin Hochman were married in Puerto Rico in January.. Many novelties could evolve into trends except for the fact they cannot be profitably mass produced for very long. An example is biofuel. Ten years ago, biofuel was supposed to solve the world energy problems. Buying ethical fashion allows us to put empathy into action. Making a difference can feel like an uphill battle, but supporting ethical design is a way to do something different and better. We must exercise our ability to act as a way to support change in the world through design. Velvet is all over the runways, but it can be tricky to wear. It is showing up in solid tones as well as burnout. For solid velvets, think tailored: a skinny pant, pencil skirt, blazer. His Girlfriend suffers from bipolar and has attempted suicide, as well as 2 hospitalizations. He and she name call, she throws objects at him. His Father and I have never been together, since he was born, he was also my 1st love, whom I'd know since 12yrs old. The amusement aboard a Disney cruise also gives something for the full family. Children will enjoy the chance to see some of their dear Disney characters face to face while older kids go for seeing movies in the theater and the adults take pleasure in the nightlife that the Disney clubs provide. There are also live shows that are acceptable for the whole family.. post-prom event at Dave and Buster is quite costly, and we don want the students paying a great deal to take advantage of all the festivities, he said. is a comfort for parents to know that their sons and daughters aren driving anywhere after the prom and they are having a great time at a drug- and alcohol-free venue. is $5 and all proceeds benefit the school Project Prom after-prom event.. Check out Brick Lane, where you can get delicious Indian food, or find vintage clothes shops and little art galleries. And head to Spitalfields markets on the weekend to find rare fashion delights. The Borough market near London Bridge is also worth checking out for its amazing array of gourmet and organic foods.. As far as schooling, well you get different answers from everyone. I once had a mentor who worked for a High End department store and she told me it didn't mattter where the BA degree came from as long as you had it. And then I have a family freind who graduated NYU and now works for Barney's but feels her job search would have been easier if her degree came from FIT.